Hello and welcome to our mommy blog from Staci Ann More and her child with drug addiction. This blog is dedicated to a very serious subject and that would be how to help your children suffering from any type or form of drug addiction. You can find useful tips how to cope with this everyday burden as well as some useful advice on the matter of what to do to help your child overcome the addiction. Children who come from broken and dysfunctional families are more leaned to any substance abuse disorder than children coming from normal families and having a child with drug addiction is the worst thing that any parent can live to see.

When such a problem occurs and you realize as a mother that your child is having a drug abuse disorder, every moment and action counts. There is a lot a mother can do to save her child from the clutches of drug abuse and this blog is here exactly because of that. It is a beacon for each struggling mother that should show the way and give some guidance on what to do to make your child stop using drugs and start living normally again.