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May 16

How To Help A Child With Drug Addiction

By Staci Ann More | Staci Ann World

The stress of having a drug addict in the family can be a devastating experience for a parent. That goes especially if a parent is single. First of all, these people need to know that they are not alone and they are not to blame for what is happening to their families.

There is always a way out so instead of despairing, it would be the best to know your options and possibilities.

No matter how hard it is to find out that your own child is a drug abuser, the only way to overcome it is to fight it. Instead of putting the focus on your struggle, you have to understand how tumultuous and long the process of becoming a drug addict and then going through a detox and rehab treatment will be. In order for your child to recover, they will need a lot more than just a good medical treatment.


Becoming an addict is a form of mental illness so your child will need treatments, therapies and sessions in order to restore normal functions they had before the drug abuse and addiction. The love of a parent towards a child is unconditional but you have to understand that your child has to want to quit the nasty habit in order to be able to receive help.

Never despair and always show support

Most of the time, the power of love can help to make your child realize the devastating consequences of their habit. If they can learn the lesson by themselves, that can be only a plus in this fight against drug addiction. The first thing a parent should do would be to stop enabling their children to support their addiction. So, that means basically that you have to financially support your child upon noticing that something might be wrong.


Knowing how to recognize the early signs of anything going wrong with your child might just be the thing that saves their lives when it matters the most. Cutting off a financial support will result in a positive change, even though it doesn’t seem that way in the beginning. A few days without a fix might lead your child to begin to

Jul 01

Why I Took My 7yr Old To See Beyonce

By Staci Ann More | Staci Ann World

Kennedi turned 7yrs old this month. Last year I promised her when Beyoncé toured again, I would try my best to make sure we were in the building. When Beyoncé announced she was touring again, I hurried and snatched up tickets during presale to the nearest city, which happened to be Minnesota. Taking Kennedi to see Queen Bey was more than just a promised. I wanted Kennedi to experience “greatest” live.


Beyoncé is a real artist, and she represents much more than entertainment. She is a prime example of hard work and determination. I want Kennedi to know that she can do and be whatever she chooses in this world. I want her to understand her journey may not always be quick and easy, but if she practices patience and keeps a positive outlook, she will go far in her life. As a mother, I want to introduce and surround Kennedi with excellent references of strong black women such as myself and Beyoncé.


I want her to appreciate sisterhood and find inspiration from people doing great things in this world, so one day she can do the same. I pray that she’ll be open-minded and well-rounded as she grows into a young lady. My goal is to teach Kennedi to respect her worth and demand nothing less. I’m not naive to the fact that there will be many influences in her life that I’ll have no control of, but I’m a firm believer that it all starts with the foundation of the home. If she happens to get lost in life, she will always found her way home, where it all started.


Thank you, Queen Bey, for helping me make memories with my little one. She had the time of her life. Her eyes lit up with joy as she sang along to her favorites jams. We enjoyed every second minus the short storm delay!

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
Jul 01

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

By Staci Ann More | Staci Ann World

In a world of today, violent crime and poverty tend to prevail in any country, no matter where it is. Families with few financial resources are facing challenges that those with higher incomes are not even aware of. Because of scarce financial resources, these families often are forced to live in high risk neighborhoods. Such surroundings provide extraordinary challenges to their everyday lives but most of all, to the uprising and well-being of their children.


To be a single mother in such environment is a challenge already by itself but raising children in the impoverished neighborhood might lead these mothers to face a multitude of issues and problems. One of those problems is drug abuse. Such neighborhoods are more likely to be overloaded with drug dealers and addicts than safer and wealthier neighborhoods.

When such an issue occurs, the only thing a mother is left with is the power of her will to survive and the strength of love she feels for her child. The more a mother is willing to fight for her child, the more chances she gets to pull her son or a daughter from the circle of drug abuse. The most usual characteristics for such neighborhoods are deteriorating institutional resources like parks, libraries and schools, single-parent households, criminal activity, high unemployment rates and immense drug trafficking and abuse.

A mother will do anything for her child

Most of the time, such neighborhoods are far in the suburbans so the authorities and police can’t do much to prevent drug dealers from selling their products and because of that, their products end up in the hands of the children of those single parents. When a mother realizes that her child is a victim of a drug abuse, the only thing she can do is fight for her daughter or a son.


There are not many choices left and seeking professional help costs money. The only thing she can lean on is her love and hope that love will be able to prevail. In her eyes, she doesn’t see only a drug addict but rather she sees her own flesh and blood, her child and to her nothing else matters than their well-being and safety. Even then, she believes that her child can be saved and that belief, that faith is what is the most beautiful thing in

A Mother And A Child With Drug Addiction
May 16

A Mother And A Child With Drug Addiction

By Staci Ann More | Staci Ann World

There is nothing worse than learning as a mother that your children are drug addicts. From feeling scared, lost, weak and a failure as a parent to completely losing the will to live, all these feelings tend to overwhelm you. You can’t sleep, work, eat and live and the whole world is literally falling apart and crashing down. You stop taking care of yourself because the only thing that matters to you now is the life of your children and their well-being. The trick is to learn about the drug addiction as sooner as possible because that way you have more chances to help them treat it. No matter how many children you have, five or just one, their lives are the only thing you care about.

Dark woman

So, what a mother can do to cope with the fact that her child is an addict? Well, first of all, if there is a possibility, each mother should immediately seek professional help because that is the best thing, in any case, to fight the incomprehensible challenge between not enabling the habit and supporting her child. One of the essential things is to not blame yourself for your child being a drug addict because that is how you find the necessary strength to do what you have to in order to save their lives.

Then, it is important how you handle the pressure and the stigma of being a parent of a child with a drug addiction.

The only thing left is love

Mothers who struggle with such domestic issues can only say how lonely they feel but not just lonely, isolated. Suddenly, their friends start avoiding them, the entire community gets alienated from them and there is no one to help. That is when they realize that the only people who can help are other mothers with the same problems and the professional and medical healthcare centers. The truth is, what other people think is absolutely of no importance.


The only thing that matters is the love a mother feels for her child because it will give her the strength to overcome any obstacle put before her. The only thing a mother can think of in those desperate times is how to help her child to overcome the addiction and restore their lives back to normal. When compared to that,