Finding Time to Take Care of Yourself as a Mom

By Staci Ann More | My Blog

Sep 30

Self care is one of many sacrifices moms sometimes make in order to maintain their busy family life. New mothers are also susceptible as they attempt to balance motherhood, sleep, and the changes in their lives. It’s easy to forget how important you truly are, and unless you take the time for yourself, you’ll quickly become drained.

Putting your needs first can be a difficult choice when you have only so many hours in your day. It can also bring on feelings of guilt and sometimes shame. These feelings are natural, but they shouldn’t stop you from taking care of your basic needs or an occasional indulgence. Remember, especially when those negative feelings creep into your mind, you are no good to others if you’re not taking care of yourself.

Ask For Help

Calling on a friend or family member to sit your child so you can rest, take a shower, or go out for a few hours can make a huge difference. Don’t be afraid to say yes when people offer help. More times than not they understand how hard it can be as a mom. Let them help you.

Give Yourself 15 Minutes

Twice a day, allot yourself 15 minutes for yourself. You can use that time for anything you please, but that time should for only you. Give yourself permission to say no during the 15 minutes too. Read a chapter, write a note, or take a shower. The choice is yours.

Find Mental Support

Did you have a rough day? Are you afraid no one will understand? You shouldn’t hold in your frustration, which can lead to more stress. Find a close friend or relative you can be open with and not fear judgment. Allow yourself to vent to them, and offer your time so that they can vent to you. You’ll both feel better and know you’re not alone.

Time is a factor for many mothers. However, self-care doesn’t have to take up chunks of your time. Little moments go a long way to improving your overall wellbeing. Make small changes, ask for help, and ignore your inner naysayer. It’s okay and necessary to take care of yourself too.

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