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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder
Jul 01

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

By Staci Ann More | Staci Ann World

In a world of today, violent crime and poverty tend to prevail in any country, no matter where it is. Families with few financial resources are facing challenges that those with higher incomes are not even aware of. Because of scarce financial resources, these families often are forced to live in high risk neighborhoods. Such surroundings provide extraordinary challenges to their everyday lives but most of all, to the uprising and well-being of their children.


To be a single mother in such environment is a challenge already by itself but raising children in the impoverished neighborhood might lead these mothers to face a multitude of issues and problems. One of those problems is drug abuse. Such neighborhoods are more likely to be overloaded with drug dealers and addicts than safer and wealthier neighborhoods.

When such an issue occurs, the only thing a mother is left with is the power of her will to survive and the strength of love she feels for her child. The more a mother is willing to fight for her child, the more chances she gets to pull her son or a daughter from the circle of drug abuse. The most usual characteristics for such neighborhoods are deteriorating institutional resources like parks, libraries and schools, single-parent households, criminal activity, high unemployment rates and immense drug trafficking and abuse.

A mother will do anything for her child

Most of the time, such neighborhoods are far in the suburbans so the authorities and police can’t do much to prevent drug dealers from selling their products and because of that, their products end up in the hands of the children of those single parents. When a mother realizes that her child is a victim of a drug abuse, the only thing she can do is fight for her daughter or a son.


There are not many choices left and seeking professional help costs money. The only thing she can lean on is her love and hope that love will be able to prevail. In her eyes, she doesn’t see only a drug addict but rather she sees her own flesh and blood, her child and to her nothing else matters than their well-being and safety. Even then, she believes that her child can be saved and that belief, that faith is what is the most beautiful thing in