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A Mother And A Child With Drug Addiction
May 16

A Mother And A Child With Drug Addiction

By Staci Ann More | Staci Ann World

There is nothing worse than learning as a mother that your children are drug addicts. From feeling scared, lost, weak and a failure as a parent to completely losing the will to live, all these feelings tend to overwhelm you. You can’t sleep, work, eat and live and the whole world is literally falling apart and crashing down. You stop taking care of yourself because the only thing that matters to you now is the life of your children and their well-being. The trick is to learn about the drug addiction as sooner as possible because that way you have more chances to help them treat it. No matter how many children you have, five or just one, their lives are the only thing you care about.

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So, what a mother can do to cope with the fact that her child is an addict? Well, first of all, if there is a possibility, each mother should immediately seek professional help because that is the best thing, in any case, to fight the incomprehensible challenge between not enabling the habit and supporting her child. One of the essential things is to not blame yourself for your child being a drug addict because that is how you find the necessary strength to do what you have to in order to save their lives.

Then, it is important how you handle the pressure and the stigma of being a parent of a child with a drug addiction.

The only thing left is love

Mothers who struggle with such domestic issues can only say how lonely they feel but not just lonely, isolated. Suddenly, their friends start avoiding them, the entire community gets alienated from them and there is no one to help. That is when they realize that the only people who can help are other mothers with the same problems and the professional and medical healthcare centers. The truth is, what other people think is absolutely of no importance.


The only thing that matters is the love a mother feels for her child because it will give her the strength to overcome any obstacle put before her. The only thing a mother can think of in those desperate times is how to help her child to overcome the addiction and restore their lives back to normal. When compared to that,